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Thread: Feedbac/History on my 5 years of Growtopia gameplay

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    Post Feedbac/History on my 5 years of Growtopia gameplay

    I think its finally time I give my feedback/ my history on/of Growtopia, thinking I've started playing this game at 11 and it followed me to my 16 is INSANE!

    I am horrible at correctly organizing what I have to say as ideas hit me like that. I start talking about something then I hop on something else, so excuse me in advance :P

    First, I have to mention I am natively French, and this game actually helped me learn English through the years, even if it is yet to be perfect :P (*cough* old instagram account)

    At first I didn't even join this game to get rich, I literally joined it to have fun, and I feel like succeeded. Why? back in 2014 I met two people and my god they are awesome. One was called "Pretzel" and the other one I forget her ign but her name is Nicole. 4 years ago, and I am great friends with them still, One became an adult recently and I'm so happy. The other one got 17 not so long ago aswell. I really made strong friendships in this game and this is what made me stay for so long. The real goal of Growtopia is not to become the richest, it is to build and have fun. I definetly did. This game brung me such amazing friends and I'm so happy I am still in contact with many of them.

    I had quit around January this year, too many spammers, too many casinos, friends quitting. Quit Depressing, but now I've seen the effort of Ubisoft, and to be honest, I am surprised on how well their efforts went on the servers, the spammers are rarer, and so are casinos. I still have to make new friends but I'm already motivated to start again!

    Is this a feedback? my history? Honestly I don't really now anymore, but I just want Ubisoft, not only Nekoreii, to here out this : Thank you so much to keep this game alive, People thought you would change the game, turn it into a pay to win. It definetly doesn't feel like it to me. I'm deeply thankful that you've kept this game alive for this long it is just stunning. Also, In all growtopians, I want to appology for making your life hard sometimes, Sorry that you lived so much stuff, after Hacking, Fraud, Dupe.. Just because people grew up and got disinterested, I'm truly sorry, I don't understand how people could actually feel like it was a good idea, but hopefully now it doesn't happen again as you don't deserve this. Again, Thank you so much, I'm so thankful that you kept this game alive, the paradise of friendships for me.
    - ImPringle

    I'm a real music fan :P
    Stay Safe in Growtopia <3

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    happy thoughts


    this is really cool! thank you for sharing this!

    i must say i thought the same too when Ubisoft bought the game, i thought they were gonna change the game and made the game unplayable to me, i took a long break from Growtopia and came back on summer 2019, i'm really glad i came back on Summer because i love it, i really miss Growtopia, i met new friends join guilds, and many others.

    and yes, maybe Ubisoft has made some mistake, but that is okay for me, i'm just glad Growtopia didn't change like i thought it would i'm really thankful for Ubisoft.



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