Ok, so this would be an cool update. I’ll basically tell you how it works. So there will be a forum section in the community hub.
There will be top or featured forumers, community and forums will have to vote on a page or somewhere to show their support to a forumer.
If this does not look cool, then there can be featured threads or merged issue threads in the forumer section of community hub.
Basically when you click to community hub, there will be forums section which will show featured threads or {Merged Threads} selection especially for emergency issues for players to see what’s happening and what’s not.
It would be a great improvement for the forums and a wave of people would come to forums and our forums would develop if the featured forumers shows up in the community hub.
Basically It’s a hole type of new improvement to forums and the community. One of it’s advantage is that when there is a problem with the game there will be too many threads about this issue in forums maybe you can search via threads with this way. Or look up to merged threads and with clicking that it
Would re-direct you to the forums.

What do you all think? Sounds cool for me but it also has some disadvantages