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Thread: Community Issues and how they can be handled and fixed

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOBYL View Post
    Firstly, any forum guardians I thank you for your moderation on the forums but this has been discussed by many players and well known forumers for a long time. Before you delete the thread, please read it. I will not use a offensive language.
    Second of second, I am not the one to judge anyone, I don't hate anyone and I do not mean to harm anyone or any kind of positions

    Firstly let's talk about how spammer issue was fixed. Yes spammer issue was fixed but it was fixed with the help of volunteer moderators. I also agree on an opinion that they are volunteers and they do not have a must to moderate and help the community in a mandatory time
    Before volunteer moderators were hired the forumers and tons of people were complaining like a crazy animal here in the forums and in game. It was a head dresser, annoying issue. But after Getting new moderators who KNEW the game really well and have been playing the game for a long time they handled everything very good and even private casinos seem to be disappeared. Wanna know why the issue was solved, cause of people who knew the game very well.That was all about spammers issue

    Let's talk about the handling community issue. NekoRei is our lovely community manager and criticizing is not my job. But cause of the request of community and forumers I want to be their word. NekoRei we love you but there is something which we all know. When there is an issue a glitch a rollback or any other type. There will be millions of useless threads. Yes we can't know how you feel but merging the threads is not the best way to handle the issue. Cause as I've been in forums with my older accounts forumers get crazy and they make more threads when their threads get deleted and sometimes important questions are not answered. Let's talk about how this issue can be fixed and solved. Just for emergency issues or normal forums questions a volunteer type of moderator with no powers but helper role can be hired to help the community and help our lovely community manager so that she will not stress and have hard job doing her work.A forumer or someone from in game can help you solve what you feel and as I stated it's not my job to question you and the team. But it's getting out of hand we also feel sad for our community manager.

    Let's come to the one of most spoken very well known issue. This issue is something very difficult and if this gets fixed and solved the community will relief. So yes, when we accept the user agreement we plead to rules but there is no stability and no equilibrium on banning people. By this I mean, even in forums there are people who shouts that they were banned for scamming. And when forumers ask they tell that they were banned for 60 days. But when another scammer appears on forums or any other kind or in game they also tell that they are banned and they were also scammer but they are banned for 14 days. So when we come to the topic, why is the first guy banned for 60 days and the other is banned for 14 days? By this I mean as many of you understood, there are no such a list of banning dates for any kind of rule. In the past years, we all saw people or forumers who got SUSPENDEDfor telling bad stuff and cursing on moderators or the ubisoft staff but as stated to get suspended from forums or in game you have to be the guy who has done a big or major offense to game or in game. How can this be fixed? We need to have a list of ban dates for every RULE, new added or added in the back times this does not matter. You can't ban someone with different expiring dates for such same rule. But we also need to have a great detail that in the ban dates there will also be description for that if it's for warning or getting warned multiple times. This is such a big issue and this has to be fixed immediatly.

    Let's talk about support, If we are going to talk about support this is a well known issue and it's a big one. By this I mean, There are banned players, but even we experience when banned or suspended players contact to support all they get is a auto semi copy paste message by the support specialists. This is a well known issue. And it's getting bigger and bigger each day. There are 5 new support specialists in our team and they are welcome and we also have 2 already and that's 7 support specialists. If we empathize we can't know what kind of emails they do get and they feel but something is going wrong and it's out of way. How this issue can be fixed or solved is that there will be new or sectioned helpers also in the community line that they will review the cases and actually TRY TO HELP to customers and the people who were banned. SUPPORT helps in such issues we are all yes on that but, for banned players they may be innocent and the rules are very strict and brutal this is not a player deserves.

    There also have to be amnesty for old banned or suspended players cause LOOK there are wrongly and unfair banned ones. Support as I stated, tells that they are not welcome in the game anymore but cause they are banned or suspended they ban evade cause they love the game which causes more issue and more depression on the staff to investigate what's going on with the ban evaders and suspended players. This causes a great depression.This can be handled and helpers from the community can actually help and to prevent such issues from happening. Who knows there are tons of people who are ban evading and there are ones who are WRONGLY BANNED cause of a game's mistake.

    Game and Staff issues, we have to be strict here and we have to discuss this, look. Yes, there are some rules and there are moderators there is staff and a lot more but let's give an example from a recent issue just cause it's hard to handle such auto farmers and autoclickers hackers in the game and there is no SUCH team to ban them, it's not how game works you can't ban customers and their hard effort in game it's no such helping hackers. These issues can be fixed by such there will be a team of moderators and have their own group which will have a different color tag in game and they will only help such issues like auto clicking hacking, auto farming issues.

    There is the most spoken one, banned people cause of mistake and not getting unbanned. This is a very important one. It's forbidden in any game that they get banned cause of a mistake or just cause they were falsely accused or cause of any other wrongly issue. Let's also talk about glitches and game breaking states and issues. There's an actual way to fix them. The team is small, we all know that. But we're a big family. ANY KIND OF TESTERS FOR ANY UPDATES OR SPECIAL HELPERS with a different tag in game can privately search for glitches and this could stop any kind of effort put in fixing glitches cause people who find glitches spend their time to do this and they actually know how to do this.This can change a lot of stuff in the community.

    Let's come to one of important ones, listening to the community. Yes, we all agree on such great updates items but we all have to be creatives that's great but there is a week for suggestion of players the PAW week. There is a game designer, we all know but where is she/he? Do we know, no? The game designer or item designer has to be all day or always on the suggestion box sub forum or any kind getting ideas from suggestions from players to be successfull. How can this be solved is as I said a type of team who will design items cause NO ONE listens to the community. And indeed we have to talk about such an issue like this.

    We have to talk about rules, rules is a very significant, important, major issue in the game. Look, you can't just add new rules to the game, OK?. This is not how it works. Here in forums, there are always discussions but always. But literally no one knows, NOT THE WHOLE community uses forums. And the rules are outdated.How are tons but tons of BFG owners will know about the new rule? No, hah no they can't. There are tons of more rules added by administrators or moderators for such cases but they are not announced in game or it does not write in help command pop up. How are these people going to know so they follow the rules? It's not like how it works. You HAVE TO ADD THE RULES TO THE HELP POP UP SO PEOPLE KNOW, DON'T JUST WAIT EVERYONE TO USE FORUMS. IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE RULES MAKE THEM BEFORE, I'VE SEEN PEOPLE WHO GOT BANNED OR SUSPENDED CAUSE OF AN ISSUE BUT AFTER THAT THEY ADD RULES,Well no, this is not how it works. Now what will the customer do? He/She has lost his or her progress in the game.

    We mostly have to talk about Monthly Subscriptions yes, we all started with something such rules but new rules were added after, but what about the 2 other subscription world owners? And what about the other 2 it has been going on for literally 2 months. There is a big team out there investigating everything but promoting an hacker's subscription on game and taking worlds from customers? No, this is not how it works.

    There are a lot more to talk about, a part 2 is coming soon out I spent 2 hours writing this. I've tried to be non offensive, and I am trying to HELP PEOPLE AND THE TEAMI have done this for a good sake and if you guys think of any other stuff this is the thread for you. Mention any such issues you are ok or wrong with please be ready and ok to criticize and examine my toughts and how I think and what I think. This is a thread for discussion.

    For a second time, I DON'T KNOW EVERYTHİNG, I don't have to rights to criticize anyone but this is needed. This is something growtopia needed. Please, before deleting the post take a look at it. No harm for anyone, a great hug to team I love them. Goodnight for people at Europe and GoodMorning to other people!

    Logging off!, part 2 coming very soon. if not i'll post part 2 here. BYE!
    I agree with all of this, but the more the community's getting abusive and toxic, the team's getting more strict.
    It's time to remove VIJU TIME on our siggys.

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    It's so funny that still there is no single solution to any issue out there.
    These cases, they have to be taken care of immediately and fastidiously.

    There is a lot of ambiguous stuff, which deserve answers.
    The equanimity will end someday, not today but it will.

    No one believes Growtopia is ephemeral, but it's on a way to surrender to these issues.
    Belittling the issues, it's going to change nothing but absolutely nothing.

    These issues, they are deleterious. They are harming the game and they need immediate solutions.

    Don't chastise and punish the innocent. The ones written here, they are the truth.
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