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Thread: My growtopia life from 2013 - Present

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    Default My growtopia life from 2013 - Present

    Hi, im Rank2 and i’m here to share you all the experience that i had in growtopia until now! So, Let’s begin and excuse my grammatical errors/spelling errors.

    I was like grade 4 when i started playing growtopia, it was 2013 cant remember the exact date! I was fascinated by this game because of the creations, like worlds, items, wacky combination of clothes. it was like my dream game has been created. It’s like too good to be true! but it is true! Back then, there was not much toxic players so i enjoyed it! since im young like 6 years old. i enjoyed it very much. The first item i got was jetpack, it was given by a random stranger from a parkour world. I actually started from begging because i didnt know how to earn world locks before. While i was roaming around, admiring the great creations, and also grief-ing worlds, i stumbled upon a world that is locked with a small lock and the owner is there with his friend. My first intention was persuading them to free me from the dirt cage (reffering to the white door blocked with dirt, but in the end they free me and i changed my mind from grief-ing their world.
    i made friends with them we made worlds with our names on it so we wont forget it, im just an admin because cant make wls. So, by the way their names are affin12 and canka123 ( from what i have remembered.) and my name was pogi2. You’ll understand why my name has been changed. affin and canka became my trusted friends and also BEST FRIENDS! we talked about ourselves, knowing bits of details, and they were Indonesians and im a Filipino. So after a while we got richer! i now know how to make gems by farming sugarcanes, then upgraded to blackrocks then to venus guytraps. afin and canka are always ahead of me, i dont envy them because why would i? im already happy spending time with them, trolling people and etc. So when we got even more richer someone sold me 2 public lava for 100 wls! it was on NASDAQ (a few people would know this world) public lava was so cheap before and i dont regret selling it because why would i wait for like years so it will rise. I dont remember some of the release dates of the items so dont mind that im not telling what date was this and that or smthn. So i proffited so much and bought Ccape that is only 120wls back then! yep so cheap! now its 220 or smthn. So about afin and canka, they actually got inactive. A few weeks or maybe days they officially announced to me that they will quit but will come online just to meet me and then leave again. i got even sadder because my c cape got scammed! remember the item dropped in a isolated place with a door next to it? well someone wanted to buy my c cape for like 150 and i was so greedy and tried to scam fail him but i was too slow so im the one that got scammed. Well i didnt stopped playing growtopia because i still have my farmables but eventually i got banned for no reason. from what i have remembered i was just playing in a WOTD world then i got banned for no reason, not even hacking! from there i waited for 60 days and started to play again but i lost the motivation to play. i got inactive and got depressed, i lost my wealth, my best friends.. i didnt know what to do. I still have bestfriends in real life but i just lost 2 best friends! im sad because its really hard to find a best friend, harder than finding diamonds or gold. I went to play again i found a new best friend and his name is FreakinTroll. His actually a good person, his also wise, you can talk to him when you have irl problems, he gives good advices, so whenever im having trouble choosing a decision, i talk to him and ask for advices but my account got hacked.... i got even sadder. my wealth is gone again and my bestfriend. So i made a new account (Rank2) and i was so happy that he was online! i messaged him and he said that i was acting fishy when he saw me in my worlds, i said to him that i got hacked, he gave me a wl to start a new chapter, i made a world and he called a friend to help me design the world but with dirt and platforms, just a simple design for a little farm. But i got bored, because i gotta start fresh again. after 2 years i got so hyped with the new updates. i think i quitted for 2 years. So many updates, and btw i was actually still playing growtopia until the rayman update and quitted. So with those many updates, i got hyped and started to play again i did profit like buy stuff for cheap and sell for expensive. I made so many wls in just a month. i got 140+ wls with 1k chand seeds. Not a lot because i was a lazy farmer so this is only i have. And thats my story from 2013-present.

    i hope there was no confusions has made!❤️
    GB <3

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    wew its long story man

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    I was expecting for a "scammed by my best friend" story.
    Nvm, lucky you.
    I quitted

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    I guess all friends aren't scammers!
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