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Thread: Im nominating my World TempleOfGoblet to a WOTD

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    Lightbulb Im nominating my World TempleOfGoblet to a WOTD

    Hello there!

    I'm here to nominate my World once again for WOTD. I did some changes to the world since last time,

    Basically im the owner of the world, Werdox
    The name of the world is TempleOfGoblet and the story is also based out of this "magical" goblet you have to retrieve.

    The world contains an incredible story regarding a dragon that destroyed the whole village and its people. The mission for the fellow growtopian is to later on find the magical goblet that is hidden in an ancient temple. To get to the temple you have to go through loads of different challenges and even the dragon itself. The story is very fanciful and probably a fun one for new players.

    The world also contains a P and Z jammer with a fire house.

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    sorry wrong thread
    I have no idea what I'm doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotSeedTopian View Post
    sorry wrong thread
    its true you can nominate ur WOTD here
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    Yea im sure you can upload it here. But it would be better to post it in the nominate you world for wotd thread cuz its easier to find and veiw.
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