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    Default I'm way too good at goodbyes

    Frankly, I've obviously gone very inactive. No denying it. I disappeared last year around this time, appeared every once a while for like 3 minutes and then logged off.

    Now it is a year, and let me explain myself.

    I joined in 2016, when I was in Malaysia around this time. It is now 2019, and I am in Malaysia writing this again. I think it fitting lol, to leave.

    Obviously, since this is a literal Meet and Greet sub-forum. Which means two things: one, people join or two, people leave.

    It's quite obvious what this post means. I've moved on from this game for a long time, simply because I find it time-consuming. Say, farming? Really? This game revolves around farming, profitting, socializing and the last one...I'll leave that to myself. But the point is once you get into the momentum of this game, you eventually get tired of it. I mean, really, what are world locks? There are so many people with diamond locks I don't see a point in world locks. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and then they get richer after devoting a lot of time into this - that is the point of this game. But after they have reached what is socially defined as rich, what next?

    I can't say that I have reached that position, but I can say that I've reached my goal. When you're at your prime/peak, you realise that there's nothing much left that you can do. Obviously, I've hit the tip of my game and I've reached that point where I am completely bored of this game. No, this isn't a call-out post on Growtopia. I am just bored. Hence, Iet's face it:

    I am leaving.

    What now? I don't know. I've changed my perspectives from gaming to art (ive always been in art so). It works the same principle as gaming so chances are I might get bored of it eventually as well but we all know: everything is for entertainment. I'll just say I'm really thankful for you guys, it was a genuinely wild ride and I'll treasure the fun times.

    What happens to all your items?
    I see 3 possible outcomes:
    1) I return my locks and valuables to effanx11, should he even still play.
    2) I leave all my stuff in my account, because I still have only one excuse and purpose to use it which I won't tell.
    3) I host a giveaway. Everything goes. Everything.

    What about the inevitable?
    oh :3 if you want me to stay for the ship to float again i could

    i might deactivate my account; i mean it has no use anymore

    If you still want to contact me for who knows why, I'll leave my info:
    Discord: CowMooMoo#8157
    DeviantArt: Cow-Art
    Instagram: traditionalfashiondesign (my public)
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    Shoutout to effanx11! The best guy in the whole universe! He knows why!

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