Dear Forumers

I invite you to my Puzzle World in where top prize is 500 WLs! But don't get too excited about the 500 WLs, I tested the puzzle on few people and they told it's very hard. The puzzle contains 3 Parts. Darkness, anger and hope. So I'll tell you more about the prizes.
500 WLs (0 hints) [Very hard-Impossible]
250 WLs (1 hint) [Very Hard]
100 WLs (2 hints) [Hard]
50 WLs (3 hints) [Normal-Hard]
25 WLs (4 hits) [Normal]
10 WLs (5 hints) [Easy-Normal]
5 WLs (6 hints) [Easy]
0 WLs (7 hints) [Super Easy]

Tricky part is that you have to choose prize at the beginning of the game, so if you run out of hints I wont help you anymore. Time limit is 30 mins and if that's full, you will win nothing, sorry. So if you want to challenge yourself, feel free to contact me in game: AtomMate or through Discord: SmilingWeed#3900. I'm not active every day on forums, so I recommend previously stated methods.

More info on the world's name and rules will come when we have agreed on a time for your play. I don't want anyone to get an early sneak-peak.

Last but not least, good luck, attempters