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Thread: How it feels like to eat something spoiled then realizing it?

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    Default How it feels like to eat something spoiled then realizing it?

    So our new schools experience was great. Teacher was nice, laughs here and there but when we were given a break time, i bought mountain dew.

    When i drank some, it tasted like sht so i asked my friend to drink some too and see how it tastes like.

    And so he did, and he said it tastes like sht. And i was curious about the look of the bottle too. It looked different.

    So, when looked at the expiry date, its already EXPIRED. It said JUNE 6. AND TODAYS 11. I was like "WAIT ITS EXPIRED AHAHAHA"

    My friend is now complaining to me because of that because hes starting to have a stomach ache but me, im still good even if i consumed the most of the drink.

    No idea how i found that funny but lol. Hope nothing bad happens.

    (But CASHter, your thread is only "eat something" and your story is about drinking.

    Well i dont wanna make the name longer lol. Drinking applies as well.)
    //include <iostream>
    usingnamespace std;

    Int main([])
    Int, x; y
    cout >> "Aaa aa a a a a a/n;
    cin >> "x"
    Cout << "cin", cin:
    Return 0
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    A soda that has only been "expired" for 5 days is not expired, the label on the can is a "best by" date. within 5 days nothing would even happen, it would take at least a month for all of the carbonation to leave the can and the soda would just become flat. Its more of a placebo effect than anything else.

    On the other hand I did drink a can of sprite that was 5 years past its best by date and it was really gross lol
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    Sometimes depends on the humidity of the area, if you're living in a dry area, bacteria and fungus can't spoil it that easily.
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    I once took a sip of a carton of milk and it tasted

    WHAT THE HELL, why is it bitter
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    Here in Canada we just turn the mountain dew (L) into a mountain dew (S) and let the squirrels finish the rest.
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    How it feels to chew 5 gum.

    ok y'all the pics back

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