So our new schools experience was great. Teacher was nice, laughs here and there but when we were given a break time, i bought mountain dew.

When i drank some, it tasted like sht so i asked my friend to drink some too and see how it tastes like.

And so he did, and he said it tastes like sht. And i was curious about the look of the bottle too. It looked different.

So, when looked at the expiry date, its already EXPIRED. It said JUNE 6. AND TODAYS 11. I was like "WAIT ITS EXPIRED AHAHAHA"

My friend is now complaining to me because of that because hes starting to have a stomach ache but me, im still good even if i consumed the most of the drink.

No idea how i found that funny but lol. Hope nothing bad happens.

(But CASHter, your thread is only "eat something" and your story is about drinking.

Well i dont wanna make the name longer lol. Drinking applies as well.)