You should start your dirt to DL challenge by first obtaining a pickaxe. You can aquire said pickaxe by buying one for a big lock, or begging for one in BUYPICKAXE. You should get to doing free BFG right away. (Even if you don't have pickaxe) You should buy 18 ssp packs as soon as you get 1,800 gems. You should continue to sell those 18 ssp packs for a world lock. Buy pepper tree blocks 170-200 and break those blocks to sell the seeds 35/wl or 200/6. THen you should repeat this process over and over again. You should buy either Crime Packs, Surg Packs, or Beach Blast Bingo packs with your gems to maximize profit. Beach Blast Bingo is the best pack, but it can only be obtained during Summerfest. Repeat this process and you will get some good amount of world locks. When you have enough world locks, you should start a farm.