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Thread: A question about price manipulation

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    Default A question about price manipulation

    If you just want to read the question, scroll down the the 2nd last sentence. But thats a jerk move, please read it all.

    Gather 'round folk, papa mal gotta.... VERY FUN thing that happened to me.

    Ok, basically, a while ago, I bought "The Beast with a Thousand Eyes Mask" from the first person who made it. Afterwards, I tried to sell it for 16 dls. I had no success though, and basically, after a few weeks, sold it to another person for 14 dls(the price I think I bought it for).

    Now, HE managed to sell it for 17 dls.

    That sounds fun, doesn't it?
    Anyway, something else that took place/occured as this happened was taken place at BUYGROSS(the world).

    For the entire time I owned it, it was priced at 10-13dls.
    Now, magically, after I sold it, the price drastically rose to 15-17 dls.

    I mean the VERY SAME DAY I sold it. that even legal?

    For those who may say "Oh, well someone else who owned it must have sold it for 15-17 dls before you, big dum dum." Well, the thing is, for the entire time I owned it, that was the only one in existence. I NEVER saw any sbs or people at SEEDS or BUYGHC have it at all.( Remember, must I add, I owned it for a few weeks, I think maybe even over a month). So, I am pretty sure this is the only one is game so far.

    The only other real argument you can make is " Well, ultimately, it was your choice to sell it for 14 dls!"

    You are partly right. Imagine trying to sell a new item. Where there is no other buy worlds (name is too long) except a random BUY+ world(in this case, BUYGROSS).
    It would be impossible to sell if that world said your item was less than its 'true' value. Although 10-13 dls is still alot, consider the shear DIFFERENCE in price then from 15-17 dls...

    Finally, to put my question

    So, either some REALLY REALLY BIG coincidence happened where the owner just choose to change the price right after I sold it, or something shady happened.
    Is paying a BUY+ world owner to change the price legal, especially since that is practically the only world that does give a price on a certain item?

    Feel free to add your own thoughts too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekorei View Post
    If the price has no impact on other buyworlds who are selling the same item then it is not really manipulation. For example if the world owner decided to sell items in his world in a cheaper price then it is his risk JUST AS LONG AS the price is not so far from the current market price. However, if the world owner is selling at a very very expensive price then it is not allowed esp. if it is really out of the current market price (eg: ITEM A market price is 5dls, world owner is selling it for 10dls) then we can warn the world owner. If owner still won't change the price then we can ban them.

    BUT REMEMBER, it is still up to the consumer if they want to patronize this world owner and buy from him/her. You guys have a choice still, perhaps go to an honest seller instead.
    There you go. Hopefully, this answers your question.
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    all we can do is tell our friend about the new items and how to get it to avoid getting scam from the manipulating buy+ world
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