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Thread: A new guild key trick? Another Trade scam trick and my friend got victimized.

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    Default A new guild key trick? Another Trade scam trick and my friend got victimized.

    To whom i may concern,

    Greetings, i would like to report a bug incident in which the person that we oppose in the story (IwasLots and company) that i will tell took advantage of it and scammed my friend fOxYfAnG when he (foxy) was buying a guild.
    Heres the proof and the breakdown of the story :(foxy's screen shots)
    So foxy went on to buy a guild from IwasLots and then according to him (Foxy) he was alreadt intrade with IwasLots and accepted with a deal of 30 DLs for A guild.
    But then, Foxy didnt receieve the ownership at all.
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    Foxy got banned, lost 30 diamond locks from the glitch/exploit. Please do something, this should have not happened.
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    This bug has been around for a really long time. Apparently no devs have seen it yet tho.

    Here are the other threads of this bug:

    Hopefully the devs will see it this time.

    For now, you should email the support about this to let them know. It's been around for atleast 6 months, yet it still hasn't been fixed.

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    This really need to be fixed! Scammers get easy wls and soon no one buys guilds cause they are too scared.
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