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Thread: My BFG Laser Grid 1st Harvest official data

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    Cool My BFG Laser Grid 1st Harvest official data

    "BFG Laser Grid Official Data"

    1st Harvest

    If you are interested in running a BFG and want a quick scope about how much profit you can earn, feel free to check the data I gathered. I will try my best to make this as concise as possible.

    Farm information:

    Here's a screenshot of the data of my first, second and third harvest:

    If you are interested in my routine check it out:

    Time I'm spending:

    Total investment:

    Factors that will affect seed gain:

    My suggestions:


    As always, for questions and suggestions, feel free to reply to this thread. I hope you guys appreciate my small project.
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    My BFG Laser Grid 1st Harvest Official Data
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