-Crab fixes & training:
Currently, perfect crabs are IMPOSSIBLE to obtain, as the maximum size is 199 lbs, not 200 at the moment. There should be a fix to allow 200 LB crabs to be obtainable & through an easier method as well. Such would be an item which buffs the size of crabs caught.

Now to the main point, crab training. It's time for crabs to be trainable, or if you want, still display them on a crab display mount. There's currently 5 crabs in game I believe? Which include: Lobster, crawdad, alaskan king crab, hermit crab & dungeonist crab. There could be a variety of cool items to obtain from training them, which I will be suggesting some later.

-Fish training consistency changes
Currently there's a number of fish which CAN'T be trained, for apparently no reason as well. This is the current list:
​orca, ghost fish, gingerbread fish, neon squid, swedish fish, Antarctic ice fish and glass piglet squid. A whole seven fish total. While their cohorts are able to be trained, these ones aren't for no reason, no explanation as well. I shall be getting into item suggestions later on.

-More uses for fishing role items
This is definitely needed as there are a bunch of fishing role rewards which have little uses, or require way too many to be actually used. Same case with other roles too, there should be an update dedicated to using them up. Currently the only fishing role items in demand are primordial ooze & aquamarine stone, when there's like 7 total to obtain from fishing.

-More fish & bait!
I'm thinking maybe the fishing role rewards could be combined with other unused role rewards to obtain new baits, providing a new & rather affordable use of these otherwise "rotting" items. The introduction of new baits & new fish to train will promote the consumption of the items and also help out people in their respective roles in selling out their items or using them to actually do something new and fun. I'll be expanding on this too later on.