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I think the sheer insane prices of certain items (at least insane from a new player's perspective or a player getting back into the game from years back) is very daunting.
50 wls used to be a fair amount. I understand people were trading in DLs even back when I was playing. But the idea that people are trading in hundreds of DLs is very daunting.

MMO economies often suffer this sort of economy bloat. Usually because the content that is released as updates offer greater rewards such as Gold or something like that. The price of a world lock has not changed since the game was released. And the economy depends on trades from other players.

I feel the economy of the game has been let down. Putting out super rare and expensive items to cater for 'pro' players didn't help. IOTM costs 200k gems. And a player like me who is stuck in the past finds these numbers very difficult to keep up with.

It's adapt or die for me. I'll try and build up and work for peppers and chands. I have pinballs and fishtanks. It's time to work from the bottom to the top again :^)
No good updates for economic stability triggers the heck out of me.