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    Story: One day, kelfran was being arrogant for his skills in parkours. The master of parkour, also known as Migi was very angry for his arrogance that he cursed kelfran to the Parkour Realm forever. The Parkour Realm is a place filled with an endless amount and loop of unique parkour realms. kelfran felt very lonely in The Parkour Realm abd decided to change his attitude. Day by day, Migi saw changes in kelfran's attitudes. So, kelfran and Migi had a deal. Migi stopped the infinite loop of realms and gave kelfran a chance to escape into freedom. So now, it's your time to escape!

    Gateway to Adventure
    Adventure Item-Crystal Goblet, Adventure Item-Banana, Adventure Item-Torch, Adventure Item-Golden Idol, Adventure Pedestal

    This world has:
    Punch Jammer
    Zombie Jammer
    Weather Machine-Warp Speed
    Fire House
    Security Cameras
    A Guestbook near the white door crediting everyone who have helped
    A storyline and dialogue

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    looks amazing. will try it later.
    but definitely not wotd worthy. theres not enough crappy pixelart and challenging worlds tend to not win wotd

    edit: i made it to like the end of the rarity 1 snow block that i dont know the name of section but then my god damn battery ran out because my phone doesnt give me notifications for it being low. will beat later lol
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    hi all

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    Looks cool! But you will need to fill more of the empty spaces if you really want it to be a WOTD. Good luck!
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    "Earth" realm - Easy enough. Haven't noticing anything to be too easy and too hard.

    "Hell" realm - Kind of difficult. Specially that part with "Crystal goblet", but it's possible and can be beaten.

    "Ocean" realm - Medium difficulty. Had some struggles, but it was possible. Took some time to beat it.

    "Pinball" realm - This one is really difficult. Been stuck in same place for 10-20 minutes. I think that something should be made easier as the most part of players just exit world right there.

    "Mars" - Really difficult. Took a lot of time and I have gaved up there. It just takes too much time to beat it.

    Overall: To beat this parkour you'll need some extra items that'll give you double jump and much more gravity. It would be perfect to have loads of consumables such as snowballs, ballons and mud. Annoying part is that whole world is haunted with ghosts. Haven't really had fun there because it was more of a challenge and players that haven't mastered their parkour skills will rather leave than try to finish it. I think you should've aimed on making up a great story, conversations rather than make it more of a challenge.

    Just an opinion. Didn't mean to be rude or offensive. Anyways, good luck on getting WOTD. :3
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    Looks really cool. Impressive work! I really like how you use all four directions instead of just a generic left to right parkour challenge.
    My advice for you, in order to increase your chances of getting a WOTD, try and see if you can do anything with the empty bits of world. A world with as much reasonable space used in it for something cool is more likely to be noticed and appreciated for WOTD.
    There's enough room to add more parkour, or maybe a very nicely built hang out zone, especially on the left hand side of the world. Try not to fill the blank space with pixel art though, make it somewhere that can be explored.
    And replace the dirt, even though it may be the design, dirt is seen as a lazy material to build with and can make an already good world potentially less so. There's plenty of cave and underground themed items in the game, I'm not the guy to suggest which ones to build, but that's just my input.



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