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    Cool Selling list (Items sold in PR3)

    Main items I'm currently selling (Will be updated):

    -Angel Wings 28wls
    -Megaphones 25-26wls
    -Tricksters 18wls (Currently rising so I may change price)
    -AK-8087 16wls
    -Storage Box Xtreme - Level 1 13wls
    -Fossil Prep Stations 12wls
    -Dear John Tractors 10wls
    -Portrait 10wls
    -Boss Goo 8wls
    -Gravity Wells 8wls
    -Psychotic Bunnies 3wls each
    -Caduace Axes 2wls each
    -G-Virus 2wls each
    -Basic Blue Blocks 6/wl
    -Fossil Brushes 5/wl
    -Pocket Lighters 5/wl
    -Mystery Blocks 5/wl
    -Fire Escapes 9-10/wl
    -Mannequins 4/wl
    -Passdoors 4/wl
    -Egg Rescue Tickets 3/wl
    -Bulletin Boards 7/wl
    -Adventure Gate 9/wl
    -Checkpoints 10/wl
    -Antidote 25/wl
    -Red Das Balloon 30/wl
    -Gold Blocks 25/wl
    -Steel Blocks 25/wl
    -Toxic Waste Barrels 7/wl
    -Ladders 50/wl

    I have plenty of other items I'm selling but I'm currently not consistently stocking them but they're mostly clothing items or rare-ish.

    All these items are for sale in PR3.
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