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Thread: Pineapple Guardian and Raymans first prices

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    Default Pineapple Guardian and Raymans first prices

    Will the pine guardian and the raymans firdt rise or drop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamapb View Post
    Will the pine guardian and the raymans firdt rise or drop
    Preeetty hard to say, but take into account that LIMITED AMOUNTS of raymans fist are in the game and its just a matter of supply and demand if the amount of sellers decrease while the demand is high i guess it could rise a few dls. With Pineapple guardian it depends on how much was made during pine week id say it will rise 10-20 wls or demand goes high and max 190wls. NOTE:These are just speculations and are very likely to happen seing the current place of gts economy
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    Im sure rayman will rise.
    For pineapple guardian, it will rise abit. Last year guardian was 45wls on the event. And rising to 1dls in a few weeks. Then its arround 150 before pineapple week start this year.
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