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Thread: Broadcast ability drama

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    Default Broadcast ability drama

    Hi, I'm whatsisname and I wanna talk about some (stupid?) thing that is stalking my mind last days.

    We have very fancy broadcast system, touching 1000 random users all around. Nobody thought about it too far, right? Well, let's look better at moment when you got broadcast:
    You got it as one of 1000, and 1000 of 15000 (approximately). That means, you had got 1/15 chances of getting it. But (I'm not mod stalker, really), imagine you get such thing:
    ** Broadcast from @Seth (somewhere) **
    This is great example to explain what I'm talking about, as it's kinda exotic.
    You had chances 1/15 to get this broadcast - trivially, there are approximately 15 broadcasts made same.
    Now let's get logical: on one side, such broadcast is kinda exotic, so you might be very lucky - 1/15, y'know.
    On other side: who knows, maybe he is broadcasting around 10 times per minute, and I, such luckless dumb, only got this one?

    Such 'probability theory' is pissing me off, especially when I see 2 broadcast seen by me in row (more rear example, ya?). There you really start wondering: is he doing so much broadcasts or I'm so frikin' lucky to get all two?

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    They should change bc to be seen on random 5 subserver including the broadcaster's subserver
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