I made this thread for my opinion on crimefighting in growtopia and mostly people start to when they were kinda noobs... I really wanted them to update crimefighting. Crimefighting getting boring. Usually they need to do something like spice something with the style of crimefighting. Serious they have alot of fortunities. Let's see the reasons what were they missing.

*Too much clothing and lacking building blocks at all
Aren't you getting bore from getting the same clothing but with different colors.
Or lacking blocks for building atleast a decent police station. For me if I remember correctly that crimefighting doesn't have that much blocks just tons of accessories that you can make a garage sale from it. Exception the cards you can get and answer this "Whats much better use it as a block or use it in battle?" Like they need more suggestions about making blocks for the theme. For most myself crimefighting was one of the basic things that you do in growtopia in the old days.

*Crimefighting Role
I dunno why this isn't even a thing. They had everything but they just ignore this as it wasn't a every growtopian job. Why Ringmaster even has a quest "that you need to clean this city from criminal scums" Like people waste there time just fighting but not enjoying the prizes.

*Crime Day
I don't know why wasn't this a thing. Let say when this day comes in random worlds they will spawn the biggest troubles around the world meaning Bosses are occasionally spawning. Defeating them receiving the biggest rewards. Like ghost day and geiger day basically.

*Crimefighting as a Seasonal Event
I guess they should include this since crimefighting has the right things needed in the event. Usually every event has a tool, A hand item. As very ironically it sounds but why not crimefighting can't cope with surgery and with the other daily growtopia job. The Baton for the criminals, right? Since they usually seen people opposing the law, right?

*You must define how hard a villain is
I know they have a threat Mastermind,Supervillain and I don't know the easy threat, But we dont know if they are Easy, Medium, Hard, Extremely Hard. So we know what is the chance defeating a villain.

*Growtopians read the instructions but not that long.
Why not make a tutorial crime bot that teaches them what are the basics of crime fighting. Like Surgery Blast, it haves everything train bots, New blocks, And New Mechanics.

*Crime has to be everywhere with more villains
Theres alot of things you can do in growtopia like Cooking, Star Voyages, Surgery, Fishing and so much more. I don't know why there is like no monsters, minions, and boss villains. You know they can be use as a new mechanic.

*Need more cards and event cards
Thats kinda related to the theme of elements of the cards

Kinda share your feedbacks.......