vending machines

A reverse vending machine, that allows you to put wls and request an item. People that are looking to sell said item can use it for easy selling. While it won't be used as much as normal vends, it would be useful for people that wanna buy rare items especially when the sellers aren't online when you are.

An ability to buy more than 1 items from a vending machine for a fixed price, like a bundle. For example, if you wanted to sell your clothing set of 4 pieces for 3 wls instead of making a world and doing a world trade you can through it in the machine. Much easier and not really any downsides.

Lobster editions

The lobster things are pretty much forgotten, but at least do lobster leashes. No reason why there are fish leashes and no lobster/crab leashes.

Changes suggestions
it would be great if fish leashes are improved. Fish leashes look cool, but no one really buys and uses them because they are slow and have no effect at all. They should move faster and possibly have a punch animation, or at least, have them open their mouths when you equip something like the ethereal rainbow dragon (like what muddy pants/pet rock does) it sucks, as pets like the dragon turtle charm are ignored and no one really wants it as it doesn't have a special attack animation and moves super slow, what's the point of making something look cool and making it so hard to get (getting one of thoes cotd fish /dtc leashes from scratch is really hard) when it doesn't have effects, moves super slow and doesn't even have any mods?(except turtle charm)

Not only that, but many of the fish items seem to be just bad . The riding axolotl, riding skeletal shark, riding seahorse, all don't have speedy. I'm pretty sure even the fishing dinghy doesn't have speedy, but Im not sure since I never owned one. It makes no sense why they don't have speedy, and no, the "they are fish" argument doesn't work when the riding skeletal shark is floating.

And finally capes, I'm pretty sure this has been said many times but why do some capes not have double jump? It makes them super useless. There are many capes that look amazing but are rarely used due to the lack of double jump (and not wanting to wear a riding raven/ zephyr helm), eg the rainbow and blanket cape. It's obvious they know back items that don't have effects are rarely used, which is why they made monkey on your back a back item.