Well, if there are going to be only 4 events per clash, then what will be done about the summer clash block drops? Will they be buffed to be around the same as Spring Clash, or will they be buffed to be even higher to compensate for the drastic cut in events?
I'm afraid that not doing a thing to change the block quantities (to be even higher than spring clash's to compensate for the 1/3rd cut in event numbers) will do nothing but make the blocks even rarer than before, and building with them will be even harder. Of course, I'm sure that that issue is made well aware of, as block drops in many locations have been buffed, including the ones of Spring Clash.
Anyway, I just want some things cleared up. Will the block quantities be buffed even more than before, or will there be a clash block pack (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not make it 10,000 gems for just like 5-15 of a SINGLE TYPE OF BLOCK if a clash block pack even gets added in game btw) added to the gem store? I just want these questions answered; if clash blocks do not get buffed in drops or be given a different method of obtaining, then the issue with building with clash blocks will be even worse than before.