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Thread: the ultimate way to defend your valuables against hackers.

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    Default the ultimate way to defend your valuables against hackers.

    1. Find a long named world, and small lock it. (If you world lock the world, someone who hack ur account can find out the name)

    2. Drop all your wls and other item in that world

    3. Memorize the name of the world.
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    I use a different method:

    Make a world that's easy to remember. Use an alt account that has a different password with your main account.

    Use your alt account to huge lock the main door, and put a pass door and a signal jammer.

    Then somewhere around the world, lock a place with a door using your main account. Then just connect the pass door and the door. Make a 3-5 digit pass that is easy to remember.

    Instead of using dirt or other blocks, use small locks on your main account to block your valuable stuff.

    This way, if the hacker somewhat knows what world your items are hidden, he needs to hack your alt account too, to get to your stuff since there's a password door.
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    1. Don't get hacked.

    Almost all of my main valuables are buried in my storage world. If my account ever gets hacked, I hope the hacker doesn't mind digging through thousands of items just to find one key item.
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    1. World lock a really long name world with a non-grow ID account and access yourself
    2. Put a single growtoken in an untrade-a-box at the corner of the world
    3. Put your valuables beside the box
    4. Clear the world and fill with beehives
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