After several attempts i've decided to move on and build a new world #nevergiveup

Short version of the story: One day the queen went out the castle to look for mushrooms. That same day she got lost and couldn't find her way back. Somehow she managed to get trapped inside a cave without any chance of getting out. Now it's time for YOU to retrieve the QUEEN to the castle by going through different types of themed levels such as "Water tunnels", Real cave tunnels and also DARK cave tunnels.

These are items I SURELY recommend purchasing before starting the world:

- Flashligt
- Any type of wing
- Parasol or a similar item

World contains:

- Punch jammer, Zombie jammer, Fire house, Weather machine - Night
- Interesting storyline
- Usage of adventure items
- Different themed levels: Water, cave, dark caved tunnels
- VIP area for winners
- A bulletin board near the start that gives credit to people i got inspired by
- Some hard and some easy parts so that its both noob friendly and for extreme tryhards

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