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Thread: Looking for a rank 1-40 Guild to join

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    Exclamation Looking for a rank 1-40 Guild to join

    Hi! My IGN is FLO66. I’m looking to join in a mighty guild because new improvements for events are better and cheaper than normal ones. I am able to participate at every event. I won’t and I will not spend too many World Locks/Diamond Locks in events. About how skilled I am, here are few examples: I do LEGENDARYMOUNTAIN in around 10 minutes,BLARNEY5 and WOLFWORLD5-6 are my max at parkour. Anyway I will train everyday and I will push my limts to became a “Master of Parkour”.
    Guild needs to have atleast level 10, a decent mascot. If you’re interested in my services, comment below with your opinion about me, what I have to do, your IGN, guild name/level, and guild home’s name.

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    My guild recruiting now and well... Cause of new changes, i really don't know what recruitments we will have. I think we test how it goes without depo and old minimum limit #17 wont work anymore, so... Guild is Queen and well, when we have done events, our rank has always been 5-10.
    Level: 125
    My first farm:CHLOESCASTLE
    Guild home: QUEENSGUILD
    Instagram: QueenChloeGT
    How we could fix famable economy: OPEN LINK HERE



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