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Thread: Keep exquisites as a 'legacy' item.

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    Default Keep exquisites as a 'legacy' item.

    In case you have not seen this

    Basically, people are getting fired up about the removal of exquites for multiple reasons and its getting out of hand (Including myself) but there is one thing we can all agree on, we wouldn't mind you keeping exquisites as legacy items (Wont have any effect- as in points given). Some people like it because of its looks and stuff.

    Just wanted to throw this out there.

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    Don't bother wading through that dramafest.

    I've extracted all the voices in favor of this idea, including my own:

    Quote Originally Posted by Wipou View Post
    Now I haven't tested the new update since it's obviously not released yet, but I do not see it as fair to completely cut out the exquisite tools from the game. Some precious development time went into the creation of these items, and a lot of people, believe it or not, like to wear them as an item part of their set, and they look good too (leave them as a cosmetic item maybe?)!
    Quote Originally Posted by Boppi Von Finkledorf View Post
    I do wish Exquisites could remain in the game. Even if the names were altered to something like "Useless Bronze Hammer," because some of us liked using them to decorate mannequins, or ourselves.

    There should definitely be some way to be allowed to either keep your Exquisite Tools, or release them under a new name with a new recipe to clearly state that they aren't useful for guild stuff, but so that we can still have those awesome items. Or shift all the graphics up one tier and discard the Delicate graphics.... Though I imagine maybe some people like the delicate too, so that should be replaced with some other method of obtaining if that route is taken.

    Either way, it sucks that we should have to have our expensive decorative items we made for our worlds be taken away. We need some way to keep those cool looking items, because nothing below the Exquisite looks like anything that I would use in my world or my hand.
    Quote Originally Posted by DavidDoesPBG View Post
    Not really a huge user of exquisite tools, but yeah... I believe they do make up for a nice vanity item and should be kept in the game in some way.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stardust1998 View Post
    ye. they should remain in the game as a vanity item
    Quote Originally Posted by DynPlaysGT View Post
    I'd like if they at least kept the item, renamed them to Legacy tools or something, and just removed their function. They looked like a nice cosmetic hand item, so it's a shame to see them completely removed.
    Quote Originally Posted by BUYWINTERS View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by DynPlaysGT View Post
    I'd like if they at least kept the item, renamed them to Legacy tools or something, and just removed their function. They looked like a nice cosmetic hand item, so it's a shame to see them completely removed.
    best comment ever i heard from forum finally a guy who is thinking yeah we would want that
    Quote Originally Posted by -LI0NE- View Post
    And what happens to the manequins? They will drop 10 on the manequin that would be hard.
    (alright, that last one is a little weak, but it does show concern over the fact that people are, in fact, using them on Mannequins)

    This is definitely something that needs to be resolved!

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    Too late! I already read the whole thread!

    Also, as cool as it would be to keep, it would be awkward having. A random item that is useless(because it won't be used in guild events).

    Of course, I do see the point in keeping it. For the looks. I won't undermine the arguments for keeping it.

    It adds, althought admittedly, VERY SLIGHT weight to the server. If they removed it completely, it would give a bit more room for more items. But everything adds up and even a little extra room is nice.

    It is just weird to keep. How would it work? Would the recipe still be the same?

    There also the arguement that an item has never been completely removed before.


    Theres a first to everything.

    The argument then is "but it never did anything wrong, like copy righting".

    It gave rich people an unfair advantage and made it less skill based(because,based off of what some mods or something seemed to say in another thread, the easier events like Trowel and Hammer events won't be done[like placing and break blocks, dued to auto farmers]).

    This leads to the conclusion the item WILL be useless.

    Some people would probably prefer getting the 10 pristines back than a useless item, I know I would.

    Now, besides of just for looks, is there any argument? I'll try my best to counter it.

    P.S. I'm not fully agaisnt making it, but I am listing the down sides to keeping it and just like fighting over topics. So, lets not make this thread like the other one full of drama and stuff
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