Amazon Go
Suppose you want a item(s) but you can't find it or you're just plain lazy to do so. Amazon Go is a new way to buy items by hiring a buyer to buy the items you request. Here's the catch: you need to pay tax (service fee to the buyer)

Why not just buy the items on your own?
Well, if the items you desire is easy to buy and low cost, of course you would buy it on your own. This eliminate all the middlemen and taxes. But, if you want items in bulk and you're lazy to buy them, this service is great for you. Suppose you want 5,000 fish tank seeds but don't have the time to do so. You would need to hire a buyer to do this service and labor isn't free.

How does this system work?
There are 2 parties involved in this service. The buyer and the requester. The requester tells the buyer what he/she wants and deposits the "market price" of the cost of the items desired. The requester also has to pay a 10% tax of the cost of the items. They will drop these wls in a secured display box where the buyer cannot take it. This eliminates trollers that will back out after the buyer has accumulated the wanted items. After the requester deposits the funds, the buyer will search for the item with a maximum of 1 day to find the items. After the items are found and bought, the buyer will deposit the items in the requester's world with a display box or donation box. This will save time since you don't need to wait for both parties to be on. After the buyer is done, a manager will take the wls from the secured display box and give it to the buyer. The manager will also split the tax, where a percentage goes to the buyer and to me. To be sure that the buyer has completed the task, he/she would have to take a screenshot of their self depositing the items in the requester's world and posting it on our discord server. The manager would have to check the logs and give the funds.

What happens if the buyer can't find the items?
The buyer has a limit of 1 day to actively search for the items. If the items are too hard to find and the buyer already accepted the deal, he/she can refund 100% of the wls/tax paid by the requester.

Who does this benefit?
This benefits all the parties involved, the buyer, the requester, and the owner.
The requester gets the items he/she desires
The buyer gets the tax
The owner also gets a portion of the tax

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