Now before I start with anything, I want to clear the fact that I am not trying to attack Ubisoft in anyway, and am bringing this up for the good of the community and best for future (considering PAW coming up/they started taking account of other issues)

I find certain issues very frustrating that are still present within the game on a wide scale. Now I know some of these issues can't be dealt with completely, but should be enforced in a way at least.

#1: SB Harassment.
GROWTOPIA has made it clear that being disrespectful is against the Growtopian Code. However, we can see daily in broadcasts and such: players harassing each other, calling all their friends to help, SB wars, and more. It's just frustrating to deal with all this, where it further heightens the toxicity that lies within the community. I know moderators have taken some action, but more action needs to be taken or people need to be able to refer this activity to appropriate authority and be dealt with properly.

#2 Account Trades (MAJOR ISSUE)
This is probably the worst issue for me. I'm sure everyone realizes how much illegal activity goes on within the game, and with lack of evidence Ubisoft supposedly can't do much to deal with it. This is a major problem due to the fact that it ruins the authenticity for others. For example, why should nubgar_46 decide to finish legend wings, when it isn't even special. Considering someone bought a legend account from george_27. See what I mean? There needs to be ongoing investigations of some sort to deal with these matters.

#3 Illegal sale of DLS and purchases
This is also another issue that I personally find VERY FRUSTRATING. I'm sure many of you do as well. This ruins the authenticity of the effort we put into this game. Also theoretically, I can't really see people supporting Ubisoft with gem purchases when they can find other means of doing so. In addition, it's just unfair to those who have worked their rear ends off farming or massing or even trading to earn their wealth. Investigations also need to take place in these matters, and I hope something can be done in the future.

#4 Autofarming and Botting
I know Ubisoft has taken some measures to enforce rules against Autofarming, but let's be realistic, it won't have much of an effect. If you were in the mind of an Autofarming player, you would want to hide in private worlds and do so. This gives them a large advantage over real players, and like illegal DL Buyers, gives them a large unlimited wealth budget. There needs to be some way of updating the system to detect still movements or some sort of repetition to deal with this. Possibly other methods may be even better.

Anyways, once again just trying to advise Ubisoft of current issues I find very frustrating, and hopefully someday can be dealt with accordingly. If any Ubisoft staff/person has any questions or feedback feel free to pm me or drop a reply below in this thread.

Thanks for reading!