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Thread: Geiger Charger Scams

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    Default Geiger Charger Scams

    Recently I got my brothers back into Growtopia, and I loaned both of them some World Locks so that they could profit. I recommended that they buy Geigers, since I own one and they’re a fantastic source of profit. I’ve had my Geiger for about a year and I’ve found quite a few crystals. Anyway, they both bought Geigers...

    Since they had left the game for well over a year, a lot of new items have been added to the game. This includes the Geiger Charger item, which is also an item that I myself am not too familiar with. Both of my brothers ended up going to a Geiger-charging world, and there was a section that had a sign on it saying “free charging area.”

    However, these Geiger Chargers were in a Builder Lock, and many of you can already see where I am going with this. So both of my brothers thought that they could simply place their Geigers in the charger and regenerate them. Unfortunately, once you put it in, only the world’s owner can take them out. So both of my brothers ended up getting their Geigers stolen, which is a shame. Now, I’ve told them that they need to be more careful, but I can’t look after them all the time. In fact, they aren’t the only ones that have found themselves in this scenario. In the same world, I saw plenty of other Geigers which I assume had all been stolen as well.

    This is why I think a change needs to be proposed. It’s simply too easy for someone to accidentally place their Geiger in a charger owned by another player’s Builder Lock. It’s also a big hazard for new players, who aren’t sure how the system works.

    I understand that every player is responsible for their own items getting lost or stolen, and I definitely do not expect or wish for my brothers to be compensated. It was their own fault for being careless, but it is an issue that I believe I should try and be an advocate for.

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    Default Dragon speaking...

    Feel sorry for his lost geiger, to be honest. I hope devs would fix this builder locks and make sure to unknowingly player avoid this scam.

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    Finally someone mentioned about this
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    if the charger's on a builder lock people shouldn't be able to put their chargers in. Simple as that.
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