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    I've played gt since mid-2014 im not an expert but there's something that just always come back to me when I play gt again

    Music Notes
    Music Notes back then was not used that much but I do know when
    someone make a song it probably will be only the song whistle.

    Dragon Hand
    Back then owning a dragon means that u are rich. Seriously is it only me?
    No ok move on.

    Back then the world DEAL was like the 2nd go-to spot for trading now?
    it's very dead because of the BUY(ItemName) gaining popularity

    Rare Leash
    Most of the rare leash is now very cheap like a magnifying glass
    what happen?

    That's not all but I want to ask something. why does buy world instantly
    become very expensive considering back then it was a junk name

    I still have more to say but my english is bad

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    yes i too always thought if someone has a dragon hand they're rich lol
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    Midpacific owl was my favorite pet, i remember grinding hours for it, and it was worthhhh it
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    I remember back then I grinded so much just to ride on a horsie
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