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Thread: [FREE] Rovie’s BFG Service!

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    Default [FREE] Rovie’s BFG Service!


    Ever felt bored of farming daily? Wish it would do it by itself? Introducing... this thread lol.

    This is a remake of my previous BFG service thread, which went pretty well. It died off because I quit for a while though. Here’s the link to my old thread, on my other forum account:

    How it works:

    How this benefits you:

    How this benefits me:

    Pictures of BFG world + dropoff world:

    Priority Blocks:

    -You must have at least 5,000 of your farmable for me to bfg them.
    -If you’re inactive for 10+ days, I will remove your room.

    Reply Format:

    Please keep in mind that my time zone is GMT -8 so if you live somewhere in Asia or something, it may be hard for me to contact you.

    If you are a guest without a forum account, my discord is longnosedcomrade#4588, so talk to me there!

    NEW: I made a discord! Join if you are/plan to use my service! DM me for the link.

    There are currently 6/16 rooms left.

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