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    Default Surgery daily challenge

    I plan on maybe doing the surgery daily challenge. If i do decide to do it, does anyone know how much it will cost? I am fairly sure i can win if i try it. Also another important question i should ask is, is it worth it? And just some general knowledge about the event that might be helpful would also be appreciated. Thanks.

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    You'll need around 1.2k stitches which costs 720wls max at current prices. Preparing all the other tools will cost another 4dls or so. You'll also need Surg-Es and legal briefs. Having a stethoscope is an added advantage. There are some regulars of Doctor's Duel who are known to use a lot of legal briefs to avoid surgeries that are more expensive and take too long to do.

    Definitely not worth it if you're planning to profit from it. Challenge crowns are around 730-740wls now, stethoscope is around 8-9dls. Calculating all the costs, you'll probably lose wls unless you can get 1st. It's not a guarantee that you'll profit from it even if you get 1st.

    It does depend on whoever is online to join the challenge though. You don't have to use 1k stitches just to get top 3 all the time. Players sometimes go all out on the challenge but not all the time.



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