This happend today, I went to the world SEKS to check my fossils but it was world locked?? In the world there were tons of locks including my own locks I owned about 40-50% of the world and I put rocks all over the place to get fossils. I don’t own the main lock, I can just enter from my door ID to get out. There were also other peoples locks. I am just so confused. How is this possible?? Was the world moved? Swapped? It needs both worlds world locked to do that... Either way it’s pretty bad I lost a lot of fossils and a cool world. I’ve seen this situation 1 time more it was a 1 letter world probably “R” it had some locks like 5-7 I think... It was some years ago so I don’t remember well but it had 5-7 locks one day and then the next day it was world locked. I just thought that maybe they just sold their lock spots. But I only now realized that that’s not the case. Can someone please explain how is this possible?? Also rip my 20 +huge locks