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Thread: If you've been banned before

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    Quote Originally Posted by -LI0NE- View Post
    I think they check the ip and ofc if my name is torbob_564 and im level 10 i dont think theres much chance of you winnings
    So you’re saying noobs can’t win? wow yeah because many of the votw don’t come from noobs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wubzi View Post
    I noticed that the votw thread says if you've been banned recently then you wont be able to win votw.
    Well ive had a friend (Seaace) tell me that a moderator said once you've been banned then you cant win votw. By the way, i cant wait to see your video haha.

    About 4-5 years ago I was banned for 3 days using cheat engine (Ya I was Dumb back then xD) Anyways im just wondering.

    Im working extra hard on a new video Im finishing and uploading it either way, Id just like to know if i should submit it or not.
    Yes you can still win. As long as you havent been banned for more than 3 days within 6 months, you are still qualified to win a VOTW. The same applies for WOTD aswell.
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