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Thread: Some item ideas with new uses.

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    Default Some item ideas with new uses.

    1.Extra Backpack

    Purchased from store for 50k gems

    crafted from only the highest quality of leather, this backpack is an identical copy to the one you already have! Why would you need two? To store twice the items of course! Or stuff it full of goodies and trade it around, whichever you prefer.

    The extra backpack would look like a normal packback, with a simplistic blue colour.

    The extra backpack is a clothing item which if worn would take the back slot. It also gives the low jump and slow mod. But the main use of the item is the ability to carry more things. You don't need to wear it, but if it's in your inventory you will be able to click it and open another backpack, with 50 slots to put whatever you want. You can manually put items in, and any item that you pick up when you have full inventory will go into the extra backpack. When you drop it, all the items remain inside. One can hold up to 3 extra backpacks at a time, which means 150 extra Inventory.

    Its second use is for trading. if you trade the extra backpack, all the items inside go over to the other player, but not the backpack. To trade a extra backpack it has to be empty. When trading with the extra backpack, a small window will pop up showing all the items in the backpack, and when on the trade confirmation screen a list of all the items in the extra backpack being traded will be seen. Worlds with dropped extra backpacks cannot be traded.

    2.Legendary Stomping Cleats

    complete "Quest for Domination
    Haven't really thought of steps, but a few that I think would be included are :
    -Deliver 3 Golden Air Robs
    -Deliver 5000 Air Robs
    -Win 100 Wolfworlds

    These Legendary shoes are worth a legendary amount of money. Good thing you got them from an old wizard at a much discounted price. The might of these shoes allow you to crush your foes with ease.

    It would be a pair of shoes with spikes at the bottom and the appearance of a dragon,similar to the grand tornument dragon statue. the tail of the "dragon" would spiral around your legs. It would produce a cloud like effect similar to the ring of wings only without the float effect. When you run it would leave sparks.

    The idea is that these shoes allows you to not only run fast but ground pound. When you jump, a down arrow button would appear allowing you to ground pound. Ground pounding brings you down to the nearest surface from which you tapped the down arrow. If you have access in the world, it would also do a bit of damage to the block you land on. If you ground pound on other players, they will be pushed off the tile (only works if no punch jammer). They would probably make some parkour very easy, which is why I made them legendary.

    *When equipped, if would give the "legendary domination" mod.

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    good ideas!

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    Yeah we should add shulker boxes



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