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    Default Additions to In-Game Music

    This thread is dedicated to the songs (transcribed by players) that we mostly hear in-game. These are suggestions coming from an experienced transcriber (or more commonly known by players as a 'composer').

    Double Note - Plays a note 2 consecutive times on a single space, each note lasts 2 times the BPM set. This would help save space in a world, leaving more room for a longer song.

    Ability to change the duration of Sheet Music - Blank - This idea popped out of my head when I realized how space-consuming it is to have a long rest in between 2 parts of a song. This would also help in saving space.

    Note Durations - Self-explanatory; Having more durations for every note makes a better song.

    World Lock Options :
    - Allow players to set a volume for each type of note (the Spanish Guitars are barely audible when played with a Piano Note).
    - Set Audio Racks to become invisible.

    Increase Spanish Guitar and Bass Notes' Volume - (Only if previous suggestion is rejected)

    Ability to place notes behind a background without replacing them - In my opinion, the Weather Machine - Background wasn't enough to solve the issue of having an empty background with notes due to the fact that it only has 1 type of background (Some players require 2 or more types of background to design a world).

    More Notes - Thinking of new sounds like a snare, cow bell, electric guitar, or other types of piano including synth.

    May add more ideas soon. Feel free to add this thread link to your siggy if you'd love to have these implemented!
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