So my account's reputation is at risk now just because of that math question.
So see, I'm not a math person and I suck at adding big amounts of numbers (or I'm just really lazy lol)
and because of that, my account is at risk of getting banned if this happens again because what happened was I made 2 accounts for my Geiger counter farm, you know, those afk to charge and use that alt account for collecting the drops the Geiger gives.
And one of my alts got asked a question, it was hard so I skipped it by pressing "answer" and then when I did it 2 more times, the system muted me for 10 mins (which is not a big deal but still, my account could be at risk).
And the biggest problem is I used the same email that was used on my main account, and if my alt account gets banned (if that happens again) my other accounts would be banned, including my main.

A suggestion I would give is instead of us writing the answer, what if we had choices for that answer so that we won't need to skip till we get an easy question, it still is the same but with questions so what could go wrong?