The time is at June 28th around GT time 1.00-1.30. My wizard at ASSAILWIZ got scammed by an unknown method which I've NEVER EVAR seen before in over 3k hours of gaming time on Growtopia. It was a type of hack through portals but still, I've tested the security with 3 hackers found in SEEDDIARY before making the wizard, and it's impossible to get pass it. The portals I've setup is different than other Wiz seller's portal test. It is way more secured and deeper. (I won't tell the structure but the buyers would know how complicated it is). I need an answer @developers. I didn't get scammed by trusting anyone's proof or trusting any friends. I got scammed by a professional hacker which me or my friend never seen in our life before. It was less than 20 seconds, so it's impossible to complete the quest from step 1-20 under such tense time and supervision of admins and owner.

Note: 5 people has been scammed Wiz in a month for now. One of them suspect the scammer to be as the same as the one who scammed him, that's why I'm not directly giving up now, that's also why I posted this thread to get a moderator's attention.

Best regards,