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Thread: Lwiz disappeared???

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyalTeddy GT View Post
    No. The hackers which I've found are random and they tested it out together, after that, I even asked a friend of mine in 2015 (also hacker) to test it, he was one of my supplier back then. Yes, I do admit being scammed is my fault but I won't at this situation. The other sellers got scammed by trusting, fake images and other stuff, which is their own responsibility. If I got scammed by selling steps and not start (yes, the hacker bought start, which you only get to choose the quest) I wouldn't waste my time to post this. I got scammed by a hacker which hacked the system and met the impossible to hack through those 36 portals which is linked to 3 world's. It is the GAME FAILURE which caused my loss, and not myself. Please check this case up, we have already 5 victims in a month, currently one saying that they got scammed due to similar situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Jothealpha View Post
    All is at fault

    Firstly, the one owning the legendary wizard have the tendency to be greedy and sell steps. Which increases their chances of getting scammed by a hacker. That is their fault of being extremely risky.

    Secondly, the one who scammed the l wizard. Since these people are great hackers (if so good that they should be hired under the government [seriously, the government needs hackers to do stuff] and not go hacking some game), they find loopholes or smth in the system and then abuse it. So they managed to find a way to hack the portals or smth. Well they abuse that and scam ppl l wizard. That is their fault of being greedy but is it gt too easy to hack or are these hackers too good that they should be doing professional hacking?

    Thirdly, it's the game fault. I understand that no system is hack proof but if a problem/looophole is still in the system remain undected for months/years, it's their fault not checking and recheck in their security system and the game codes to see if there are any mistakes or problems. If games doesn't update their game security and data, people with their increased skills and abilities in hacking will take advantage of this which will cause more problems. Like the dupe glitches of diamond horns in 2016-2016 and the dupe glitches of very expensive items in 2018-2019. These 2 glitches may not be due to hacking but it's a similar case of each other where items were duplicated. This shows that the problems may still be there even though there are new updates to the game. The new update may not even address/solve the problem at all. Idk whether it's a different glitch or not but it kind of prove that the system is weak. Ubisoft should hire hackers to hack into their game and see what they can improve to lessen or prevent the amount of hackering issue that occur in griwtopia.

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    overall to decrease such incidents related to hacking or somewhat related, ubisoft should hire hackers like the government, to test their systems and made changes to improve it.
    True. Innocent players shouldn't be responsible for the game's bad systems which are easily hacked. We are not obligated to feel the pain with the systems itself.
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    Imo it's a risk selling steps, everyone knows that

    Let's blame the system now!

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    I think it has said in everywhere since probably day one with wiz that selling steps is risk. In what point, players become so greedy that they were ready to lose wiz, just to earn few extra dls? System did not sell those steps, or did it? System did not lock wiz with builders lock or did it? You have 0 real reasons to put wiz in builder lock and sell steps. You could just use that wiz by yourself, if you wanted be safe. But you didn't want be safe. You can't blame system for real. Or how exactly they forced you to sell steps rather than just use wiz by your self like that wiz is meant to be used? Try understand that this is same case as CalvinSans wings. If you get wiz then i need ask them give calvins davs back too. He dropped wings in his own world, in locked area and no one had acc or doors was not open and still scammer took wings. So why your case is more important than his? Why you deserve wiz back but he does not? I want really know why you feel that you are more better person than him. Game needs to stay as fair as possible to everyone. If you would use wiz right way, you would have it still, but you decided use it for totally wrong purposes. Wiz was not made for this use i think. Say if i'm wrong. I wasn't playing this game when wiz was first made. If Seth and Hamumu said, make wiz, sell steps and make l quests then i did mistake, when assumed use of the wizards been only for owners. So tell me, if i'm wrong. If i'm not then explain why Calvin didn't get his davs back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sipsipsi69 View Post
    there is a hack where u keep getting "too far away" message to prevent entering the portal, tho its possible with shitty internet too
    ez respawn and when u respawn immediately go through the portal
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    Please check the announcement posted by NekoRei:

    Quote Originally Posted by NekoRei View Post
    Regarding the players who are selling their Legendary Wizard quest steps. The system is not intended to be used like that and we strongly recommend players not to sell or purchase these quest steps.

    Even if we cannot stop you from doing so, heed our warning in selling/buying the Legendary Wizard quest steps. If someone lied to you about their Legendary Wizards and is actually already more advanced than what they pretend to be (as in, they are in the final steps of their quest) and ends up using your LWiz to get their last step done, we will not be able to help you out.



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