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Thread: Discussion of fake prices shops

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaySia View Post
    Um it’s way off the original price. Actual price should be 14/wl but owner changed to 14wl/item.
    Oops, sorry about that. Didn't notice he was selling 1/14 and not 14/1. xd

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    What if I just returned after several years of not playing and am just selling my surgical tools by my own prices instead of prices set / determined by others? And I want to sell my surgical tools at 14 World Locks each? Technically no one can stop me.

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    G O T T E M

    ez profit ez wls ez life

    Seriously though, it technically isn't illegal because it's the player's own fault for not checking but it's sort of a gray area (and how exactly is it different from the "sell items cheap and then make it for wls each instead of per wl + scam players by writing it out in chatbox"?)
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    It's deception. Of course it's not allowed. A mod will be allowed to punish the owner of that world but that of course is his discretion.

    It's just that they're trying to be cautious in preventing mispunishments. So stop making drama. You have no evidence. Everything in this thread is based off of assumltions.

    Also these types of threads are ridiculous. Make a proper thread if you have an opinion. Or don't.
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    About the picture you sent, high prices from vends nor people selling it isn't a scam. The moderator was clearly looking for the spammer since everyone said the spammer has a false text of the prices. Clearly the moderator can ban and punish the spammer since two rules were broken, using bots and false information.

    About the vend prices, it was sitting there waiting for customers and set way before time. Owners can set the price anything they want, if that person bought it for a ridiculous amount it's the buyer's fault. The pop up screen was there for a reason to double check the trades.
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    I know the world you're talking about, and the mod who hopped over to investigate was me. The world has just been taken care of, just needed to clarify some things and do a little investigating first. As others have said, the act of simply having an expensive shop alone isn't illegal - however, if it's clear that they're falsely advertising/tricking players, then they're absolutely not legal. Please report any similar worlds to us!

    Closing thread.
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