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Dear Growtopians,

July is here and we have plenty of new stuff for you (plus, a monthly feature will be released later this month!)

Item of the Month: Turn into a caped hero with the Nightking's Cape!
July’s Subscriber's Item: The epic Executioner’s Axe designed by rsrssh
Sponsored Item: Another legendary player finished the Epic Quest! Look futuristic in “EzCookOven’s Robotic Tentacles” sponsored by EZCookOven
New Featured Content Creators: We scouted for the best content creators we have out there basing the selection of the new batch on the quality of their contents. We also updated the Content Creator rules and guidelines here.
So without further ado, meet this cycle's Featured Content Creators:
Wizard Gaming
Daily GT Memes

As usual, we would love to know your thoughts about our updates so far! Share them here.