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Thread: What's your most annoying things you exped while on school?

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    i dnt care when u started


    Quote Originally Posted by Nick_Furry View Post
    Calm down, y'all, he's not dead.

    I don't usually give a ship when someone is ducking around with me, but man, this boy crossed the line.
    He threw this piece of ice cube that he had already sucked into my bowl of noodle and start laughing histerically and told everyone that I love his saliva on my noodle, and everyone started laughing as well, so I continue on eating my noodle aggressively and wait for him to recover from his histerical laugh.

    Once he and everybody else stopped laughing, I took the ice cube and put it into my mouth, I suck it for a few seconds to shock everyone else in the cafeteria, I threw it back at him and stare at him whilst saying,

    "Man, you surely suck that ice cube better than what your mom did to me last night. Where'd you learn that sucking technique? Your sister? Cause she does it better than your mom too."

    Everyone had a good laugh, except him.

    He stares ag me dead in the eye and jump towards me, I took several punches for granted before start fighting back (he was a football player, so of course, he's embarassingly stupid), Managed to push him back, jumped at him and attacked his stomach, then proceed to land two punches at each ear, pushed him back and punched his chest. He kinda passed out at this point but I wasn't sure so I proceed on kicking his ass.

    Later that day, my teacher called my parents and I got expelled on the exact same day. And no, he wasn't being a good sport at it, several weeks after the incident (I already moved to a private school and he already recovered from the fight.) he and some of his friend showed up infront of my school waiting for me and my new friends to start a "Tawuran"

    What is a tawuran? Well, it's much like a gang fight between students of 2 different school (I know, Indonesian preteens are barbaric.) and no, it's never been a bare hand fight, some prick must have gotten a knife with him and won't even hesitate to use it.

    Long story short, the tawuran happened, and some members of their gang was arrested for possesing a knife (it is illegal for a normal citizen to carry a knife in public here in Indonesia) but I'm fine, he got caught by one of my friend and was ganged later on that night, had a broken bone or two I don't know and I don't want to know the details anyway.
    bro this is wakanda vs thanos

    Hi, I do not care when you started.

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    Going to school and realising that its Monday all over again!. That always hits me hard haha.
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    one of our physics teacher is a massive dickhead, he teaches in such a way that makes no one ever understands what he's trying to teach, yet he still rants at us for being stupid. I think he has a mindset where every student must already understands the subject before he teaches them, which is like, the opposite of school

    that's one anecdote

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    people who cut themselves but don't wanna say what's wrong
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