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Thread: BUYCASTLE is goddamn Overpriced

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    Default BUYCASTLE is goddamn Overpriced

    If you know, you know.

    How the hell can event blocks get so out of hand, the prices is legit insane. The owner owns all the BUY+ worlds and linked them there, no public board, plus rlock silencing? dahm this owner go hard.. He sells blocks from 30WLs ranging to a DL for a single blocked item.

    sorry bout the rant, got really annoyed..

    Know where we could use an alternative to buy clash blocks for cheaper?

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    Im surprised it is even muted for some reason.

    And no boards for people to at least sell their junk but eh.

    I just ignore using fantasy blocks like that because as you said, its pretty dope.
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    usingnamespace std;

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    cout >> "Aaa aa a a a a a/n;
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    Return 0

    # cout >> "Aaa aa a a a a a/n;

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    It really is annoying they look so damn good tho they are extremely hard to find except if you want to overpay for them
    I wanted to do a couple of projects using castle blocks which i had to cancel since i couldn't find them and buying them for his vends would be hella expensive
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