I'm A Farmer, I Have 2K Pinball Seeds, I Can't Do Contri because i am not a supporter, But i can become a contri supplier, contri supplier job is selling pristines for cheap to contributors in guild
For Example
- Contributors buying pristines from contri supplier for cheap like 2/5Wls Or 1/3Wls

- Contributors want buying some pristines like 11 pristines, contri supplier will sell 10/25Wls and 1/3Wls, so 11/28Wls (can less like 26-27Wls)

- Contri supplier buying pristines with gems
- Contri supplier can selling tools (surg tools or galactic tools) for surg event or
startopia event for cheap
- If Interested To Recruit Me Reply This Post Or Leave Message Or Message Me
In Game