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Thread: The hunt for perfect crabs- how rare?

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    Default The hunt for perfect crabs- how rare?

    So, with perfect crabs finally being released and the debut of the dungoenist crab being trainable, I've decided to hunt for some perfect crabs, so far, to no avail.

    High lb crabs were always harder to get than high lb fish, but I want to hear from people who have gotten a perfect lobster/crab- how hard was it?

    I made a lobster trap farm of arnd 100 traps along bedrock, and have burned through roughly 400 shrimp, 200 fly and flash with no perfects. All my Alaskans are some reason all at 100lb, only a few hermits break 100, and the closest to a perfect I got was a 95 lb dungoenist.

    I'm continuing my hunt, but how rare are they exactly?

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    I've been trying to get them for a little over a week now with close to 300 lobster traps. I probably used 3-4k(?) shrimps and only managed to get perfect dungeonist(1), hermit crab(1), purple shore crab(2) and crawdad(4). Got a few crabs that were 1lb away from being perfect, it's incredibly frustrating.

    100lb is the minimum lb you can get for Alaskan King Crab, which explains why there's so many of them.



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