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Thread: AUTOBAN in worlds with blacklisted people!

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    Lightbulb AUTOBAN in worlds with blacklisted people!

    Totally NOT SURE if this idea should be even suggested, it might be either be criticisms or +1's, either of the two.

    ~ The owner has some blacklisted people for his world and wants them to add in the Autoban system.
    The world lock in the world should have a "Autoban" list, and owner should access them individually for it to work.~

    ~Adding people to the Autoban list will be the same as adding them to have access to the world but it's just them, getting automatically banned as soon as they enter the world, (which is them, being added to the 'Autoban' list in the world

    ~The list shall be limited to 5-10 people at most, to avoid abuse.~

    ~When accessing people to the "autoban" list from the world lock, a message should pop-up
    on how many hours the ban should affect for, to avoid abuse, limiting the time to 1-24 hours, should be enough.~

    ~After the time of the ban you put is finished, the ban should lift itself, making the person able to enter the world and also, available for autoban again..~

    I'm accepting each and everyone's say on this.
    I'm aware that this suggestion will definitely have holes in it, so I'm hoping some people
    can share their idea/s on this.
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    yes please.... +1



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