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    Default Queen recruit with low minimum limit now on

    So, our recruitments are: need use discord (this cause guild communicate mostly only in discord and it is easy app to use and totally secure) and need make Personal reward step #20. This mean 18-40 pristine tools. We will still test other events, if #20 is too hard, we make different limits in every event. We want keep this easy and possible to everyone contri.

    We want do events for fun. We don't need leaderboard ranks.

    If you don't know how to use discord, we will teach. It is super easy and no need tell phone numbers or any other private info. It is just chat app for gamers.

    We took deposit back after i kicked 5 total 0 point contributers. So deposit is 1dl. We still make rules, so all members can actually affect guild rules now again, cause new guild system need fresh start in guild.

    Recruit in discord:
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