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Thread: Root Updates (read before trying it)

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    Default Root Updates (read before trying it)

    There are signs telling whats with the root update
    and also..
    You get 4 types of trees in a blasted world:
    Bountiful White Doll's Eyes
    Bountiful Jungle Temple
    Bountiful Flowering Lattice
    Bountiful Bamboo Background
    and also some fertile soils located around the world.
    Upon planting the bountiful trees on fertile soil, the soil will begin to grow roots of that tree
    Once the same type of tree has been planted and harvested 5 times in a row, you get the corresponding root cuttings and some extra gems
    However, no one knows how the root cutting works

    SaM bY tHe WaY

    welp, can't insert gif now

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    We just update the announcement thread with the Dev Diary, you can read what Starkos has to say about it here:



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