As you may all know, the recent surgery update allows anyone who has the angel of mercy wings do 3000 surgeries and get the "Dr." status which comes with a red name.
Personally, this is a great addition to surgery which we all know and love (when you don't get skill fails that is).

I'm thinking that we should have the same thing for startopia as well, it's basically the same thing as surgery but the angel or mercy wings are replaced with something galactic themed and "Dr." is replaced with the short form of Captain which can be "Cpt." or "Cap."
Some people who took up startopia and leaving behind surgery might go back to surgery just because of the recent malady update. This will decrease startopia's popularity. Startopia's rewards arent necessarily as good as surgery's rewards. I suggest that the upcoming PAW should give some love to startopia.

This thread is dedicated to Substanced, a friend I made recently as well as a mentor sorta. He likes startopia and I hope you readers give this thread support. Any thoughts?