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Thread: I rarely watch tf2 sfms but this one, gosh cinematic

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    Default I rarely watch tf2 sfms but this one, gosh cinematic

    Im too into gorey stuff am i? Oh well. The battle animation and the storyline what got me intruiged.

    Watch it for yourself, your 30 mins wouldnt be awaste. Unless youre a baby who cant watch eww stuff
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    watch thisssssssssssssssss

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    Thanks, I'll watch this when I have time.

    TF2 SFMs (and TF2 Gmod videos) are the best, not sure why you rarely watch them. Seriously, a lot of them are so funny and bizarre it's hard not to love them. I feel like you don't even particularly have to like the game itself to enjoy these.
    There's also genuinely good high-quality SFMs (including the official ones made by Valve), take a look at this masterpiece for example:

    Quote Originally Posted by UkyoKuonji View Post
    Watch the sequel while you're at it.
    The Winglet makes great SFM videos, I highly recommend checking out their channel. They also have a pretty neat trilogy that I'd also recommend checking out.

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